Email Marketing, One Click to Success

//Email Marketing, One Click to Success

Email Marketing, One Click to Success

Between the overwhelming breakthrough of social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram, mobile marketing, and all the other various ways businesses are reaching out to consumers nowadays, one might think that email marketing is dead…


In fact, email marketing presents even more and better opportunities for your business and offers you a better return on your investment.

You’ve probably actually been involved in email marketing on the consumer end at least once in your life…

Have you ever gotten an email from your local pet store stating they were having a sale on dog toys? They even sent you an email for a 15 percent off coupon. So, of course, like any good dog owner, you went and purchased a new toy. Well, you were just the subject of email marketing.

So, before you decide it isn’t for you, here are a few reasons why email marketing is actually the one click to success:

  1. It is targeted.One of the best ways to improve your conversion rates is to heavily target one specific demographic. And, thanks to email marketing, you can do just that.

    You can control who sees your email based on their location, lead status, demographics, and more. And, even better, you can personalize the email. For example, you can design it to address them personally, as opposed to just a generic introduction.

  2. It increases brand awareness.Even if they don’t make a purchase or click on your link, each time a consumer sees an email from your company come through they are made aware of your brand.

    The name of your company at least crosses their mind, even if only for a few seconds.

    And, it likely means that it will pop back into their mind when they need a product or service your company offers.

  3. It is easily shareable.One of the best ways to spread the name of your brand is to have others share it.

    Just like sharing a social media post, consumers can easily share an email with their friend.

    With a simple click of the forward button, your message could be shared for you! And, this also adds to your brand’s credibility.

In business, it is all about getting the word out about your brand. And, email marketing is the one-click wonder to success with that!

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